Rogaine and Minoxidil Information

We spend a lot of time researching the correct solution for your hair loss problem. Much of this time is spent reviewing the results of FDA studies on hair loss. Many hair loss products don't work well enough to gain FDA approval so we try to warn you about them. If a product does work well, we will sell it. At present, the only products we do sell are Rogaine and Minoxidil based products. We hope the hair loss information below will help you out.

Hoaxes To Avoid
This page highlights some common schemes that prey upon men and women that suffer from hair loss.
Rogaine FAQ
All of your frequently asked questions about Rogaine and Generic Minoxidil are answered in our Rogaine FAQ.
Advice For New Rogaine Users
Advice for new Rogaine and Minoxidil users from Rogaine We hope you find it useful.
Rogaine Side Effects And Dosage Information
Information About Rogaine Side Effects.