Frequently Asked Questions About Rogaine and Minoxidil Products.

Before using Rogaine of Generic Minoxidil you may have some questions. We have compiled an extensive list of frequently asked questions about Rogaine. We even include some not so frequently asked questions about Minoxidil. Most people don't know that Minoxidil is the generic equivalent of Rogaine. This Rogaine FAQ is for all of us.

Rogaine Foam FAQ
Find answers about Rogaine Foam here. At we provide answers to all of your Rogaine and Minoxidil questions so that you will see the best results possible.
Rogaine Side Effects And Dosage Information
Information About Rogaine Side Effects.
Rogaine For Men FAQ
Rogaine For men Frequently Asked Questions. Hot to apply, what to expect, etc.
Rogaine For Women FAQ
Frequently asked questions about Rogaine for Women from We answer all of your female hair loss questions here.
Extra Strength Rogaine FAQ
Frequently asked questions about Rogaine Extra Strength from
How Much Better Is Extra Strength Rogaine?
A description of how much better extra strength rogaine works.
Advice For New Rogaine Users
Advice for new Rogaine and Minoxidil users from Rogaine We hope you find it useful.
Understanding Types of Baldness
A page that briefly explains different types of hair loss and treatments for them. From
Common Drugs That Can Cause Hair Loss As A Side Effect
Some common drugs that have hair loss as a side effect. It is possible that hair loss that you are experience is caused by one of these drugs.
Drugs Other Than Rogaine And Minoxidil For Hair Loss
A short description of other drugs that are used for treatment of baldness.
Extra Strength Rogaine Foam - 4 Months Supply
Rogaine Foam is the latest version of Rogaine. It is effective, easy to use and the most completely tested product that we sell.
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5% Generic Minoxidil - Foam - 6 Months
5% minoxidil is less expensive than extra strength Rogaine foam yet it has the same active ingredient, 5% Minoxdidil. This is a 6 month supply. What a value!
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